Anniversary Talk: Louis Pasteur and Vaccination

Anniversary Talk: Louis Pasteur and Vaccination

‘La science n’a pas de patrie, parce que le savoir est le patrimoine de l’humanité, le flambeau qui éclaire le monde.’

‘Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.’

Louis Pasteur’s name will always be associated with pasteurisation. He was a French chemist, born in 1822, who was the first to identify that it was yeast that caused the fermentation of wine. This discovery led him to explore the germ theory of disease – very much against the perceived wisdom of the time. His discoveries led him to identify cures for an astonishing range of problems – wine and beer preservation, disease in silk worms and vaccination, the cure for anthrax and rabies. This talk will be given by Mrs Anne Lynch, Principal of the Royal School, Haslemere.

Tickets: £5

Date - Wednesday, 24/05/2017
2:30 pm

Haslemere Museum