Talk: Hans Holbein, Painter, and the Reformation

Talk: Hans Holbein, Painter, and the Reformation

King Henry VIII, Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell are recognised as key figures in the Reformation. As is Erasmus of Rotterdam who was the source of some of the ideas that led to such major changes in English political life. All of these people were painted by the German-Swiss artist Hans Holbein, who came to the Court of Henry VIII where his patrons were Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell. In 1535 he became the King’s Painter and was at the very centre of the turbulent intrigues brought so vividly to life by Hilary Mantel in Wolf Hall.

This talk by Rt Revd Dr Christopher Herbert (Visiting Professor of Christian Ethics, University of Surrey) will explore in some detail Hans Holbein’s remarkable portrait paintings, his enigmatic life and the ways in which his paintings have shaped our understanding of the Tudor Court.

Tickets: £5

Date - Monday, 15/05/2017
2:30 pm

Haslemere Museum