Talk: Molière: Corriger les hommes en les divertissant

…or ‘to correct men’s behaviour, whilst entertaining them’.

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known to posterity as the French actor and playwright Molière, claimed that challenging religious hypocrisy was the duty of comedy when he first sought Royal approval for his play, Le Tartuffe ou L’Imposteur, in 1664. Five years later, after extraordinary wrangling and multiple rewrites, this play was finally accepted and in 2019, we celebrate the 350th anniversary of its publication.

In this lecture, Anne Lynch, Principal of The Royal School, will explore the life and work of Molière, with particular reference to Le Tartuffe and will consider why the plays of this comic genius are as relevant today as they were in 17th Century France.

Tickets: £5

Date - Tuesday, 21/05/2019
2:30 pm

Haslemere Museum