The Haslemere String Competition

This competition in the South West and South East of England offers talented young players between the ages of 11 and 19 a chance to gain significant solo concert exposure. Ishani Bhoola, the founder, is an award-winning violinist and director of the Waverley Ensemble. The first round, with eighteen applicants, took place on Sunday March 17th in Bristol and Sunday 24th March in Haslemere.

The judges are Ishani Bhoola (Chairman), Simon Blendis, Nic Pendlebury, and William Bruce. All finalists will have the chance to perform chamber music with professionals in a side by side setting during a concert in May 2020.

Patrons of the competition are Mr and Mrs GB Burnett and Mr Simon Dear. We are very grateful for sponsorship from Chamberlains Music, Bishop Instruments and Strings, and anonymous donors.

Admission free.

Date - Thursday, 16/05/2019
7:00 pm

St Christopher's Church